Immucor’s mission has always been about finding the right match. With the same focus #SpecializedDiagnostics, Werfen and Immucor are the right match. The Immucor team is excited to join Werfen and contribute to #PoweringPatientCare.
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Join transfusion professionals from all around the world to exchange ideas, share the latest research in transfusion medicine/science and network with peers online.


LIVE Demonstrations

Join Us for a Lunch Symposium

The aim of this symposium is to present some case studies in different immunohematology segments that require the use of advanced serologic or genomic procedures.


RhD Case Studies: Interpretation and Patient Risks in Transfusions
Dr Lilian Castilho, PhD
Director of the Molecular Immunohematology Laboratory
at Hemocentro-UNICAMP-Campinas, Brazil

Management of platelet alloimmunization on the Maternity Laboratory
Dr Rachel Petermann, MD, PhD
Centre National de Référence d’Hémobiologie Périnatale UF Biologie CNRHP -
Immunologie plaquettaire Hôpital St Antoine, France

The challenging effects of monoclonal antibody therapies on the Transfusion Laboratory
Julie Staves
Transfusion Laboratory Manager,
Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, United Kingdom

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Maximum Surgical Blood Ordering Schedules: Implementation and Challenges


April 20th 2023



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April 26th 2023



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