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Blood Bankers Reign Supreme

The work of a Blood Banker matters.  Their quiet contribution and attention to high quality immunohematology ensures a safe blood supply.  Getting the right blood to the right patient is not a simple task.  We appreciate and acknowledge all staff members associated with the blood bank and the care you take to transfuse life.  Immucor salutes the healthcare professional devoted to transfusion medicine. 

From the 900 professionals at Immucor to you 
  • The SBB in the US running antibody identification panels on the Echo
  • A Generalist in Germany in Transfusion Services  running type and screen testing on the high throughput NEO automated Blood Bank analyzer.
  • Director of Transfusion Services looking at complex cases in your network or healthcare system through the use of ImmuLINK | manage.

We thank you for your contribution to healthy outcomes.  Your work is vital!