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Coming Soon: Detect DP with LIFECODES® LifeScreen Deluxe!

Immucor is in the process of improving our LIFECODES® LifeScreen Deluxe (LMX) to add DP enhanced beads!

LMX is a qualitative bead-based immunoassay used to detect IgG antibodies to HLA Class I and Class II molecules. Currently the assay has seven Class I beads and five Class II beads. The new enhanced assay will have seven Class I beads and seven Class II beads. The specificity of the kits has been enhanced with two new Class II beads that are enriched for DP antigens. Donors are uniquely selected to detect low and high expressions DP alleles. The donors for Bead 6 are low DP expressions alleles and for Bead 7 high DP expression alleles. There will be no change in workflow to the user and data worksheets will also be updated to now show full molecular donor typing!

With the release of LIFECODES® LifeScreen Deluxe with DP Enhanced Beads, Immucor will also be releasing an updated version of MATCH IT!® Antibody to support the updated product.

Addition of DP antigens to LIFECODES® LifeScreen Deluxe

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