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​ HEA BeadChip ​​​



The human erythrocyte antigen, HEA BeadChip Test Kit is an in-vitro diagnostic test and multiplexed molecular assay that generates detailed molecular information from patient and donor samples, rapidly detecting genotypes for accurate prediction of phenotypes:

  • Tests for a wide range of genetic variants affecting red blood cell antigen expression
    • Automated array imaging
    • Computerized data management

  • Identifies the most relevant 35 red blood cell antigens plus three phenotypic variants from 11 blood groups

Blood Group Red Blood Cell Antigens
Rh C (RH2), c (RH4), E (RH3), e (RH5), V (RH10), VS (RH20)
Kell K (KEL1), k (KEL2), Kpa (KEL3), Kpb (KEL4), Jsa (KEL6), Jsb (KEL7)
Duffy Fya (FY1), Fyb (FY2), GATA (FY-2), Fyx (FY2W)
Kidd Jka (JK1), Jkb (JK2)
MNS M (MNS1), N (MNS2), S (MNS3), s (MNS4), Uvar (MNS-3,5W), Uneg (MNS-3,-4,-5)
Lutheran Lua (LU1), Lub (LU2)
Dombrock Doa (DO1), Dob (DO2), Hy (DO4), Joa (DO5)
Landsteiner-Wiener LWa (LW5), LWb (LW7)​
Diego Dia (DI1), Dib (DI2)
Colton Coa (CO1),Cob (CO2)
Scianna Sc1(SC1), Sc2 (SC2)
  • Detects 24 gene mutations and one polymorphism associated with hemoglobinopathies (Sickle-cell Hemoglobin is not intended for the diagnosis of sickle cell disease)

  • The HEA BeadChip Test Kit provides 96 tests in two formats:
    • 8-chip slides (12)
    • 96-chip microplate (1)

*Please contact your local distributer for your country’s regulatory status.

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