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The presence of pre-existing HLA antibodies in blood donors has been implicated in Transfusion-Related Acute Lung Injury (TRALI) and TRALI-like transfusion reactions in the recipients of blood products from sensitized donors. TRALI is a syndrome that is described as a spectrum of clinical symptoms that occur very rapidly (usually in 1-2 hours) following transfusion with blood products. Occurring in a small number of patients that receive blood products, it remains the leading cause of transfusion-related deaths reported to the Food and Drug Administration.

Screening for HLA antibodies has now been made available to the Blood Bank lab in one convenient kit called LIFECODES DonorScreen-HLA. DonorScreen-HLA has been specifically designed to detect these antibodies in blood donors using the QuickStep automated ELISA processing instrument.1
  • QuickStep automation allows screening of 176 donor samples for both Class I and Class II HLA antibodies in a single run
  • Most kit reagents are ready-to-use and can be directly placed on the instrument
  • Automation provides walk-away use
  • Can use donor samples stored for up to 96 hours at room temperature in primary collection tube
  • Can use either plasma or sera
  • System accepts eight (8) barcodes at one time, including: Code 128, Code 39, Pharmacode, Codabar
  • Barcoded reagent bottles eliminate set-up mistakes
  • Barcode reading of donor sample tubes provides data traceability
1 LIFECODES DonorScreen-HLA for in vitro diagnostic use [package insert], Waukesha, WI; Immucor GTI Diagnostics, Inc., 2013.


ProductQuantityCatalog #
DonorScreen-HLA Class I and Class II Additional Reagents 
Qualitative ELISA for use on the QuickStep instrument and is designed to detect anti-HLA Class I and Class II antibodies in human serum or plasma from blood donors.
176 Class I and 176 Class IIDSI+II


Catalog #ProductDocuments
303456 DonorScreen-HLA Class I and Class II Additional Reagents 


Catalog #ProductDocuments
303456 DonorScreen-HLA Class I and Class II Additional Reagents 



​LIFECODES DonorScreen-HLA is cleared for In Vitro Diagnostic Use by the FDA.

For additional availability in other countries please contact your local sales representative or distributor.



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